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    21st Century Skills in Education

    learning at mams

    21st Century Skills in Education

    “Survival of the Fittest!”

    This is a common phrase heard by everyone. It has really proven itself during the pandemic covering a period of 18 months. The individuals who survived the pandemic can be termed as fit in terms of mental agility and physical capability.

    Hence the discussion on the importance of 21st century skills in education becomes very important. We at MAMS strive to balance education on two aspects: one of them being “Academics” and the other “Co-curricular” activities. A good blend of both provides holistic education to the students.

    The 21st Century skills are an important set of skills which the children need to survive and progress in this century. These skills are broadly classified into three forms:

    1) Learning Skills            2) Literacy Skills                       3) Life Skills

    These are further divided into subcategories:

    1. A) Critical Thinking: Brainstorming and Discussion are an integral part of our teaching. Hence, the students are always encouraged to question and ask, advocate and debate before arriving at a conclusion.
    2. B) Creative Thinking: Creativity is ingrained in every child and it is brought to the fore by fostering a happy environment in the school. There are different clubs also where the students participate to enhance their creativity.
    3. C) Collaboration: With digital media holding the reins of the attention span of students, they tend to get pushed into solitude because they enjoy it more. Most of our academic activities focus on building a team that makes collaboration compulsory.
    4. D) Communication: This skill seems to have evolved as the most important skill of the 21st century. It is polished through various speaking activities that are conducted within and outside the classroom.
    5. E) Information Literacy, Media Literacy & Technology Literacy: We provide ample opportunities to build all the three aspects in our students.
    6. F) Social skills: The students work in a team to participate in many activities. Hence, they interact among themselves and also with the society to enhance their socio-emotional learning.
    7. G) Leadership Skills: Every student takes up the responsibility of the initiatives being undertaken and the task entrusted on him/her. Students are provided adequate support and utmost encouragement whenever they come up with a venture or any kind of innovation.

    “The only skill that will be important in the 21st Century is the skill of learning new skills. Everything else will become obsolete over time.”

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