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    Art & Music School

    Music Society

    Art and Music stimulate a totally different part of a student’s intellect and imagination. Boys pursue these hobbies with passion and spend much of their free time in the Art and Music Schools that are housed separately. Our art exhibitions and music concerts elicit an excellent response, which is a reward in itself, for talented boys and dedicated teachers.

    Painting, wood and stone sculpting, pottery, batik, screen-printing and hand-block printing are some of the arts the boys learn. The Music School at MAMS is fully equipped with all instruments for students to pursue Indian Classical as well as Western Music. Students can not only learn common instruments like Harmonium and Tabla, but also instruments like Guitar, Drums and so on.

    Students are provided training by skilled maestros in all forms of music. Our students pursue dance very passionately. We have facilitators for India as well as Western dances.

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