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    Important Benefits of Extracurricular Activities in School Life

    Importance of extracurricular activities in school life

    Important Benefits of Extracurricular Activities in School Life

    People constantly argue that extracurricular activities are not so important in a child’s life. However, extra activities are essential for a student’s holistic development. 

    Exams and studies place a lot of mental strain on students. This pressure of meeting expectations and getting good grades in order to be considered smart tends to negatively affect their mental, and sometimes physical, health.

    In such conditions, there is a genuine need for some extra activities to wade off the pressure and help them let off steam.

    Extra activities are also important for the overall development of students.

    More often than not, the best school in Rishikesh offers a judicious mix of sports and extra activities in its curriculum, students are seen to blossom well. However, due to the parents’ failure to understand the importance of these activities children are often not allowed to participate.

    Unfortunately, some students also feel that they do not ‘need’ such activities for their respective career aspirations, standing by the belief that books are all they need to be successful in life.

    Even today, in the majority of the schools, teachers have to work hard in convincing parents to permit their children to participate in activities. Sadly, parents feel that extra activities will distract their children from their studies, and often ignore these teachers.

    Co-curricular activities are just as important as academics. Students can only experience an overall development when they pursue academics and co-curricular activities simultaneously.

    Students have a myriad of activities to choose from, including cultural activities, sports, competitive events, house on duties and more. Some students are even interested in more than one activity and end up participating in various clubs.


    Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

    Academic Performance is Improved

    Students who participate in extracurricular activities achieve better grades. This is because of the skills they acquire from participating in different activities. The fun experience of participating in these activities also helps calm their brain and gives them a little breather before another round of studies.

    Time Management Skills are Improved

    Students who participate in extra activities need to learn time management since they have to manage time between academics and extra activities. They learn the importance of time management while also embracing productive ways to spend their free time. Time management is a skill used throughout one’s life. By learning this skill early on students procure better results on a daily basis and strengthen their foundation.

    Learn New and Useful Skills

    Students also learn new skills that are useful in school life. Skills like teamwork, pressure management, leadership, effective communication, creativity, and many more extra skills are added to their persona. Students who participate in sports and other activities learn how to grow and build relations with one another and can better themselves as people.

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