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    Central Dining Hall

    The school has a Central Dining Hall, which can accommodate about 100 people at one time for all meals. The school provides vegetarian diet and does not cater to demands of meat, egg and other non-vegetarian food items in view of the sanctity of this institution and local community.

    Healthy school lunch box with beef sandwich and fresh vegetables, bottle of water and fruits on blue background. Top view. Flat lay

    Meals are supervised by staff members to guide the students about table etiquette and manners. The residential staff members and students eat together.

    Five meals are served – Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Supper. Mid-morning snacks or fruits are served during break during school hours. Both Indian and Western food is served. Fresh fruit, vegetables and milk are provided every day, and extra or special food, if approved as necessary by the school doctor, is catered for. The Mess Committee which includes both staff and students meets regularly to review the menu and discuss the quality of food being served.

    The food is procured and cooked by our own staff under an experienced Catering Manager who keeps it calorific, nourishing and wholesome. The kitchen is equipped with electrical equipment supported by bottled gas cookers.

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