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    Clothes List

    Clothes List

    Summer (1st April to Mid-November)

    On all days except Wednesday and Saturday :

    • Grey Trousers/Skirts/Shorts
    • School Striped Shirt – Half Sleeves (with School logo)
    • Grey Socks
    • School Belt
    • Black Leather Shoes (Square Toe not permitted)

    Wednesday & Saturday :

    • House T-Shirt (Coloured)
    • White Trousers/Skirts/Shorts
    • White PT/Tennis Shoes

    Winter : (Mid November to 15th March)

    • On all days except Wednesday and Saturday
    • School Striped Shirt – Full Sleeves (with School Logo)
    • Grey Woolen Trousers (for both boys & girls)
    • Grey Woolen Socks/Stockings
    • School Pullover (Full Sleeves/Half Sleeves)
    • School Tie
    • School Blazer (with logo)

    Wednesday & Saturday :

    • School Tracksuit
    • White PT/Tennis Shoes

    All students are expected to wear neat and crisp school uniform and take pride in wearing it. Except sikh boys, others are not permitted to attend school with long hair or long side locks. Sikh boys are permitted with sky blue turban. Girls must tie their hair neatly and wear blue hair-band or rubber bands with school uniform and white skirts with games uniform.
    No Jewelry is permitted in school.

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