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    Computer Center

    “The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing.” – Douglas Engelbart
    Computer Club

    Computer Education forms a regular feature of the time-table from class III onwards. In classes XI & XII Computer Science has been introduced as an elective subject. The students are introduced to the latest technologies in computers under the guidance of qualified teachers.


    MAMS has a state of the art computer center which is equipped with 15 desktops in the Senior Wing and 10 desktops in the Junior Wing. The computer labs are well equipped with sufficient number of computers to the ratio of 2:1. The computers offer networking and are fitted with latest processors that are updated from time to time.


    A local area network is catering to the needs of students as well as faculty members. We are making provisions for the whole school to be wired so that Internet facility can be provided to all members of the school.

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