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    1. Every moment belongs to God; Endeavour to keep your mind dedicated to His Feet. God, the Ocean -of Mercy, who ever blesses the world, pours out His grace at all times. It is incumbent on man to consider every­thing that happens to be for the best: ‘For the best’ denoting what is most helpful towards the realization of the Divine, the realization of the fullness of Bliss.

    2. Who are the truly wealthy? Those who are possessed of the Supreme Treasure —they alone are really rich and live in abundance. Poor and destitute must be called the man in whose heart the remembrance of God abides not. To depend solely on Him is man’s one and only duty.

    3. To concentrate only on Him, the remem­brance of Whom brings release from all anxiety, is meet and right.

    At all times, endeavour to sustain the con­templation of God and the flow of His Name. By virtue of his Name all disease becomes ease.

    4. Human-birth — does it not ordinarily mean experiencing desire, passion, grief, suffering, old age, disease, happiness, pain and so on? Yet it is man’s duty to bear in mind that he exists for God alone— for His service and for the realization of Him.

    To say, “I do not know, I do not understand” is only ignorance. It is this veil of ignorance that causes agony and misfortune.

    5. Worldly life is no doubt a battlefield. By becoming conscious of one’s spiritual wealth one must strive to emerge triumphant from the battle.

    6. When the mind centers on what gives peace and one’s gaze dwells on what promotes it, when One’s ears listen to what fills the heart with peace and at all times there is a response from Him Who is peace itself, then only can there be promise of peace.

    7. To perform one’s worldly duties is a good thing. At the same time, one has to be mindful of man’s real Duty.

    8. The Self, Self-contained, calling to itself for its own Revelation — this is happiness.

    9. The intense desire for God-realization is itself the way to it.

    10. It is through the search after Truth that man can elevate himself. This he should regard in the light of a duty.

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