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    Most Common Myths about Boarding School | MAMS

    Myths of Boarding School

    Most Common Myths about Boarding School | MAMS

    Whether it be ‘Taare Zameen Par’ or other educational movies, the Indian mainstream media is known for its dramatic depiction of boarding schools. This has led to many parents and students believing boarding school is a punishment children are condemned to if they aren’t good students. 

    Some people strongly stand by the notion that boarding schools reform children, while others claim Bollywood’s depiction is theatrical. 

    So, which one is the truth? 

    The Indian education system can often be stricter and harder to work with than other systems around the world, however, the portrayal of boarding schools is simply a cinematic myth that has created a false image in the general public’s mind. 

    This myth has led to a series of myths of boarding school in the Indian community.

    Most Common Myths of Boarding School

    • MYTH – Parents only send their kids to boarding school when they have to punish them.

    FACT – Boarding schools present an alternative environment where happy, independant and adjusted kids thrive. They understand to love home life as a wonderful springboard to boarding schools that also allows each student to grow and learn in a new environment.

    • MYTH – Boarding school students are more likely to get involved in drugs and drinking.

    FACT – According to research, 95% of boarding school students stay away from such social evils owing to lack of access and proper vigilance on them. They do not get The likelihood of them getting involved in drugs and alcoholism is very low compared to 82% of private school students.

    • MYTH – Boarding school students follow a very strict and disciplined routine.
    • FACT – Of course, there is a disciplined and structured routine but this is not burdensome on students. The schedule is not only limited to academic rigor but also encompasses time for outdoor learning, sports, extracurricular activities, dining etiquettes, playing with friends, and having fun. Thus, this very routine ultimately makes boarding school students become better at time management and overall efficiency.

    Boarding school in Rishikesh, India is a great opportunity for students to better themselves while experiencing a fulfilling academic life. Some of India’s top schools are boarding schools, like The Doon School which has ranked number one since its inception in 1935. This fact alone contributes to the point that boarding schools are a healthy way of bettering a student and adding value to their overall development. 

    “High school is very intense for everyone, but at a boarding school considering a student is there for 24 hrs a day, all aspects about his holistic learning get taken care of and the value gets magnified.”

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