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    Rules & Regulations

    School rules are to be viewed as an aid to an individual’s growth as much as to enable him/her to become an integral part of the community. Rules exist to enable members of the community to know what is expected of them and to understand the norms.

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    Of course, there have always been a set of rules in force in the School, both written and unwritten, but we are now trying to put them down for all concerned to understand them clearly. Only such understanding will enable us all to observe them effectively, so as to strengthen our discipline and to make the environment conducive for growth of an individual and the community.

    Over the years, rules have undergone changes through the cumulative experiences of the community here, and thus, even these rules, so as to keep pace with time, will undergo a change, which is the only constant. The secret of a happy community is that rules are kept to a minimum, just enough to lead a way of life that provides safety, well-being, good order and convenience of the majority. In short, self-discipline should grow steadily and create strong individuals in a strong community.

    Failure to observe these rules will be regarded as a breach of school discipline. These rules, along with any additional regulations, which may be issued from time to time, apply during the term, whether or not a student is on or off the school campus.

    A. Assembly


    • No one is supposed to be absent from Assembly.
    • Proper decorum in keeping with the solemnity of the occasion is to be maintained.
    • If the hospital authorities have detained a residential student, he must bring a slip signed by the Doctor/Nurse in charge to the class teacher excusing him from Assembly.
    • Students are expected to leave their books in the classroom during assembly.
    • All notices meant to be announced during this time should be written legibly on a sheet of paper, signed by the teacher/student in charge of the concerned activity, and handed over to one of the Prefects.

    B. Bounds


    EXTERNAL – Students are not permitted to leave the school campus without permission of the Principal/Vice Principal. Students should write an application citing the reason for leave clearly and get it signed by their class teacher before approaching the Principal/Vice Principal for leave. In no case is a student permitted to visit any of the bars in town.


    INTERNAL – Except with the permission of a member of staff, students may not climb onto any roof/terrace at times when they are not authorized to do so.

    Rules & Regulations
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